Thursday, March 3, 2011

Magazine Home Tour

Do you have one of those friends who lives in a magazine home? As in, their home looks so incredible that Better Homes & Gardens could walk in today for a photo shoot and they wouldn't have to change a thing?
{Pillow available here.}

My precious friend, Micah, is that friend for me. You walk in, and you can't stop yourself from asking those questions like, Where did you find that? Did you make that? I love that! Was it expensive?

{Rug is from Pottery Barn. If I picked out a rug today, it would be this one. Love.}

And because Micah is Micah, she allowed me to drop in one afternoon and take pictures to share with all of you. Where available, I've included links to the items so you can copy-cat if you'd like.

{Sofa from Pier 1}

Micah and her family are a part of the weekly potlucks we have with friends. There are six or so families in our group - almost all of whom were born in Texas. And you know how much Texans love their football. (Friday Night Lights, anyone?)

Now, notice a certain burnt orange theme in this room?

There's quite the divide between Longhorn fans and Aggie fans in our group. It makes for some good entertainment during football season.

While I was taking pictures, Micah was ironing dinner napkins. I didn't even know people did that. But that's Micah. And I love it.

{Candle Holders from Pottery Barn. Similar style here.}

This is what I love about being in community, about sharing food and stories and hardships with fellow friends and followers of Christ. We each have strengths; we each shine differently. Eating at Micah's table is so relaxing and special. She is such a wonderful hostess, making everyone feel so at home. And the food absolutely rocks. I look forward to it every single time. And when she comes over to our home, there's probably something about my quirky meals and loud kitchen that she loves too. It's not just our similarities, but our differences that help make our journeys and friendships that much more fun.

So, do you have any magazine home friends? Don't think you do? Then maybe it's you!

**I'm serving Twisted Black Beans & Rice at our potluck tonight. Sound good? Here's my recipe.


  1. That first picture with the red pillow was exquisite. And all the silver candle holders...beautiful!

  2. I love your gorgeous photos and her impeccable taste. But she had me at "burnt orange."


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