Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My House in: Thrifty Finds

Don't you just love a good deal? Me, too. In fact, I absolutely refuse to buy something - just about anything - unless it's on sale, I have a coupon, or the seller is willing to negotiate the price. It's not an obsession, it's necessity. We are very blessed, but {like a lot of you, I imagine} we have to be very careful with every purchase we make. That's why when I found the following lovelies at thrift stores and in clearance bins, my heart went pitter-patter.

Welcome to a tour of my favorite thrifty home finds.

I had been searching {and searching} for the perfect little bird statue for my house. I'm not big on knick knacks, but for some reason this one is just me.
{bird statue: $2 - Stein Mart clearance}
I blurred that photo on the edges so you wouldn't stare at my gleaming legs. Stop it!

This creamy statue sits above my cabinets. It had previously been used as a prop used for store displays. My only regret is that I didn't snatch up its twin.
{statue: $3 - Stein Mart}

I discovered this metal tin on my first "home decor trip" to a thrift store. I had been many times for other things, but this was the first time I went deciding I could decorate my home with other's cast-off items. It was the beginning of something wonderful.
{Galvanized bucket: $1; flowers: $4 clearance garden store find}

When I first saw this tray on my favorite aisle at Target (you know the one: pillows, color-coordinated wall art and lamps. Isn't that everyone's favorite aisle?), I picked it up thinking it would be out of my price range. When I turned it over and saw the clearance sticker, I might have heard the angels singing. I'm still baffled at how so many other people walked right past it before it came home with me. But I'm not complaining!

{decorative tray: $3, Target}

This tufted, upholstered storage ottoman was the catalyst for bringing a lot of beauty into our newlywed home. I discovered it while visiting my mom soon after my husband and I had purchased our first home. At that time, our master bedroom was all stark white walls, hand-me-down furniture and college leftovers. I had no idea what direction I wanted to take our new home but I knew that whatever colors and furniture I chose would have to stick for many years to come. Then I saw this ottoman, called my husband to get his opinion and bought it. It immediately became the color palette inspiration for our bedroom and resulted in a blue and brown combination that I have not once regretted in our room. I positioned it by our bedroom door for the perfect spot to sit and tie your shoes in the morning. Inside I've stashed extra quilts and blankets, and a baby girl outfit I bought during my pregnancy when I didn't know what we were having. I have a gut feeling this will be an all-baby-boy house, but I'm not giving it away yet!

{Upholstered Storage Ottoman: $50 - Stein Mart}

Apparently I love Stein Mart's home department. I didn't realize just how much until I wrote this post!

What are your favorite thrifty finds?


  1. You "snagged" some nice deals. Doesn't it just feel GOOD when you can make that dollar stretch just a "little" bit further?!

  2. I love thrifty finds as well! You have some great ones! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments as well!

  3. What wonderful finds! It is amazing what you can find when you start bargain shopping. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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