Friday, March 25, 2011

Pomander "Kissing Ball"

Amy at The Idea Room is never short on great ideas (hence the name, I suppose). I recently followed her pomander tutorial as I was preparing gifts for a friend's baby shower and this craft didn't disappoint. I took pictures of the process so you could join in, too.

Pearlized sewing pins, a Styrofoam ball, pink paper and a craft punch are all you need.

An hour and a very sore thumb later, I realized that I could have used my Silhouette for this project and finished about 58 minutes sooner.
But the end result was worth it. I added a ribbon to my project so it could be hung from a door knob.
Or even a shelf hook.
A fun and simple project that will add a little sparkle to a sweet baby girl's room.

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  1. That "kissing ball" is so pretty. It is so delicate looking. Love it!


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