Monday, August 1, 2011

We need rain.

That's just all there is to it. We. Need. Rain. Even the ants think so...they've resorted to eating my cantaloupe. My beautiful cantaloupe that I've been babying for months and throughout the drought.

I get that the whole country is sweltering right now, but seriously. Texas is an oven. My son begs all day to go outside but it truly isn't safe (or bearable) to do so until after 8pm. And no rain in sight. The forecast keeps climbing too. It's now in the 108-111 degrees range.

This is my backyard this morning. Cracking under the heat.

And my poor red oak that I have faithfully watered throughout the drought. No amount of watering can make up for this kind of heat.

But we have faith in our Father and believe He will provide. I keep asking him for rain, and I know I'm not the only one. This morning my son and I went out to water the trees. Their leaves are browning now, falling off, and the dirt around the roots is pulling away and cracking from dehydration and heat. The dirt around our house foundation is pulling away as well. Our driveway has started to crack. This is serious stuff, this heat. More than a few lives have been lost this summer in Texas because of it.

We need rain.

So today I've put this plastic cup on my kitchen island as a reminder. My son planted grass seeds in it at VBS last week and decorated it with stickers that say "Trust in the Lord." The grass in this cup is doing great, of course, since it's growing in an air conditioned home, and getting plenty of water. But those green blades are serving as a reminder to me. My God is bigger than this. He gives and takes away. I'll trust Him.

We need rain.

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