Friday, April 9, 2010

Bathroom Ideas

One of my favorite bath decor ideas is hanging window curtains instead of the normal shower curtain. My mom's guest bathroom is a great example. She has the run of the mill, predictable clear shower curtain hung at the normal height for practicality, but instead of a packaged shower curtain with the awful plastic rings and weighted bottoms, she has bright curtain panels from Ikea. To hide that awful run of the mill plastic shower curtain.

Hanging them at ceiling level adds so much height to the room, and really dresses up the space. I don't mind a power tool, but drilling into the tile to install tie-backs to hold the curtains wasn't an option. I shudder even thinking about drilling into tile. Adhesive hooks work just fine instead (and cheaper, too!). The ones used here are the white plastic hooks you can buy at the supermarket. And since they don't get a lot of wear and tear (I don't think these curtains have ever been closed) they stay nicely in place.

I couldn't fit it into my camera frame, but her bathroom mirror is a beautiful, smaller framed mirror. Our guest bath has the builder-grade massive wall of reflection mirror. I'm not willing to pay hundreds for a huge framed bathroom mirror. And I'm not willing to take down the one I've got for practical reasons. (If you've been to our home during the holidays then you've seen the bob & weave that goes on in there as everyone gathers around that huge mirror to do makeup and hair.) Here's our current guest bath. It's one of the few lingering rooms to have somehow escaped my paint brush. And don't you love the dirty laundry and bath toys everywwhere? Keepin' it real, people.
I have dreams of Mirror Mate calling me and asking me to review their mirror frames. Kate from Centsational Girl did a review for them here. You can see some of Mirror Mate's before and afters here. I'm sold now. It completely changes the room. Mirror Mate, do you hear me?
I don't think they do. So instead of even more begging, I'm cooking up an idea of how to do it myself. You know what adjective comes next: Cheaper! Stay tuned.

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  1. I had heard of hanging curtains close to the ceiling in other rooms but hadn't thought to do it in the bathroom instead of a shower curtain. Great tip! :)


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