Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Card Catalog

The antique card catalog has arrived. When my friend, Kera, walked in my door with her hubby toting this behind her, I couldn't stop gasping. It is so beautiful (or, will be, at least)!
Like I said earlier, it will live at my mom's house, which is where this picture was taken. It's all potential right now. Nothing but, actually. There are scratches and scuffs all over it and the knobs are so loose that they tend to come off into your hand. Even so, I don't plan to refinish or paint it. I like all the character it has. If you're not inside of my head, envisioning right along with me, here's an idea of the potential it has:

Thanks to Gracie from Poetic Home for allowing me to use her photo that originally appeared here.

We have dreams of finding just the right table to set it on, but I also envision it sitting on casters and creating the perfect addition to her office reading nook. When we figure it out, you'll know. Trust me. I can't keep something this fun to myself!

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