Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Shower Week: Matching Burp Cloth

I didn't say so in the last post, but believe me, it's baby shower week here. I have four baby shower gifts to give over a span of about 2 weeks so I had to get crafty!

I guess we'll call this Part II because this post is a tutorial for how to sew a matching burp cloth for the Ruffle Baby Blanket. Did you see it? If not, here's a picture of the blanket:

And, yes, I do own an iron. I just don't like hanging out with it very much.

This project is a "scrap" project. Meaning that if you've already made the Ruffle Baby Blanket, then you'll have everything you need for this project except a plain burp cloth because you'll be using your leftover fabric scraps.

Start off by eyeballing your stripes. I laid my scraps across the burp cloth and decided to make the green stripe skinnier than the pink one. Symmetrical stripes weren't as appealing in my opinion, but you can obviously craft it however you'd like!

Press the edges under evenly with an iron. I think these were 3/8 inch edges. Then pin into place on your burp cloth.

Sew the stripes one at a time, sewing the second stripe on top of the first. Here's a close up of my seams. No perfection here.
And don't worry about squaring up with the bottom of the fabric. Somehow I must have purchased uber-cheap burp cloths because the bottoms are crazy uneven. See the white cloth poking out underneath the seams?
No worries, it'll be ruffle-covered. Tuck under the ends of the ruffle and pin across. Sew two seams: One along the seam already in place on the ruffle, and another about 1/8" from the top. Don't forget to back stitch!!
And you're done! Matching burp cloth and blanket. Very boutique! And all it took was 2 yards of fabric, a little trim and an afternoon!

And I might have put a sneak peek into next week's project in this picture...

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  1. I'm in love - this is TOTALLY what I'll make for the next baby gift! I adore the colors you chose too! Super Darling ---

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