Monday, October 11, 2010

Table Decorating (x 50!)

We recently celebrated our annual Ladies Brunch at our church. It is a wonderful afternoon, filled with great food prepared and served by our well-dressed husbands, uncles, sons and guy-friends. We eat, gab, and hear an inspired word from a woman of God. But the highlight (at least for me!) is all of the incredibly unique table decorations that fill the room. Each table is purchased by separate women or groups of women and decorated any way they like. Each year is different and fun!

In between all of my mingling and gabbing I managed to get a few pictures. Sorry if they're a little blurry or not as close up as you'd like. I was too busy having fun!

Our table's theme was vintage treasures. Remember when I showed you this picture here? One of my decorating partners in crime had incredibly beautiful goldware and china that absolutely made the table. I made the place cards in Illustrator and printed them off on regular ol' copy paper. At the end of the afternoon, our guests got to take home the flower brooches as favors.

The treasure chests are pieces my husband and I have picked up on our honeymoon and other trips we've taken together.
I designed (in Illustrator) little placards that read "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" from Matthew 6:21 to place around the table. We filled each chest and sprinkled the table with items that represented the treasures we have in our lives (like the baby rattle my friend Micah chose below).
My treasure chest was filled with a sonogram of my son.
Vintage love letters, wooden toys, black and white family photos and lots and lots of jewelry filled the rest of the table. We had fun decorating our table - especially in a way that meant so much to all of us who were seated there!
Want some more ideas? Here are just a few of my favorites from the afternoon. Hope they inspire you!

My friend Jessica came up with this apple harvest table idea. I L.O.V.E. it!

Everything animal print!
Christmas is coming! Ornaments and greenery on each plate. So cute.
Remember this is Texas, y'all! A bluebonnet table with seeds as favors for guests.
Cupcake table! Such a great idea. A garden pot painted pink and filled with fabric. The best part of being seated at this table was that the hostess brought cupcakes for everyone! See the adorable cherries on each glass?!
Do you see what makes this fish-themed table so special?
REAL fish swimming in trifle dishes!
My friend Jan even tinted the water blue! Such a great idea.
Black and lime green always looks great.
Military sisters!
An easy-to-replicate centerpiece with feathers, votives and scrapbook paper-filled frames.
Harvest time!
This was an absolutely stunning table. We were seated behind it though, so once the speaker took the stage we had to sheepishly ask them to disassemble it. It was tall!
I hope you found some inspiration along the way!
What do you think? Did you see any ideas you want to copycat? I'd love to see if you tackle any of these ideas! Happy table decorating!

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