Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why it was worth it...

I received a precious gift today...

Remember when I made this banner for my friend Chris and the preschool that he's running in Nicaragua? He sent me this picture today. I can't believe he took the time to do that...but I really can't believe he got all of those beautiful smiling faces to look at the camera and be still!

I keep searching these precious faces through tears. Smiles where there were none. Bellies that don't ache. Minds that are learning.

Great is His faithfulness.


  1. Oh wow! That is amazing! Frame this and hang it on your wall.

  2. OH that is just so precious and touching! WOW! You totally should frame this! :)

    I was coming by to say I saw your recipe on Making the World Cuter and I am MAKING THAT TONIGHT. No, seriously I am! I made this SCRUMPTIOUS lentil soup and I think it would go perfectly with or on your cilantro lime rice!! Thank you so much for sharing that! :)

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe. I hope it turns out wonderfully for you!

    And great idea, Amy!


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