Monday, October 18, 2010

You stay classy, 1986...

We had a garage sale earlier this month and while setting up for it, I ran across my childhood stash of jewelry. The 80s and 90s...what were we thinking, folks?!

I took a picture so you could mock my penchant for hearts, stars, and bright metallics. Feel free to enlarge the picture. I even created a little map so you'd know where outside of my house I wore these "lovely" pieces...

The snow slopes of New Mexico, baby. And I got MULTIPLE compliments on them.
Wow. My mother let me out of the house wearing these???!!
And what's a conversation about 1980s fashion without gigantic magenta studs?

Make fun all you want...these were the hot ticket item at the sale. And I can't wait to see them on folks around town!! Any old jewelry in your drawers?

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