Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween is coming...

I'm not a huge Halloween fan. If it weren't for my child looking absolutely ADORABLE in his costume every year, and if a pound of free chocolate didn't end up at my house as a result, I probably could forgo the event all together.

I don't do scary movies. I won't even listen to ghost stories around a camp fire. But my sweet friend Jessica decided to host a Halloween murder mystery dinner at her house, and I had to say yes. Because that girl knows how to throw a party!

Her entire house was decorated for the event, including swapping out the lights in her kitchen for purple and orange bulbs to give the room an eery glow. Candles were everywhere (some real, and some LED...which led to a few fire mishaps. ouch!), fake skulls and spider webs were on every table, and spooky old movies were playing in the background. She even created a fake crime scene in her sun room to go along with the story.

My favorite part though was the food. You'll have to excuse some really poor quality pictures because it was so dark that I had to use my flash. She is so creative!

Mummy Dogs dipped in Blood...
Punch that glowed...
I will not own up to how many of these chocolate spiders I ate...(Oreos dipped in chocolate, with pretzels as legs and peanut butter M&Ms as eyes)
Bat Wings and Bloody Witch Fingers (chicken wings)

Vampire Eyeballs (mozarella balls...but they were so slimy it was creepy!!)
I didn't open with this picture because, well, you wouldn't have kept reading.
Creepy mantle. Purple twinkle lights were on every surface and made the place very eery!
And, of course, candied apples. I love the raffia!
And I'm happy to say that my character was not the "murderer" in the story! Whew!

We had so much fun together, dressing up and laughing almost nonstop that we plan to take turns hosting one at every holiday. I think I'm up next for Christmas. I don't think it will be possible to top Jessica's ideas!
Have you every hosted a murder mystery dinner? Any ideas for my Christmas-themed one coming up?


  1. oh my gosh that party looks amazing!!! i have always wanted to attend a party like that! how fun! glad you went!

  2. that party looked awesome! I'm actually going to one on Saturday as well and was looking for something to take...thanks for the ideas! :)


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