Monday, November 1, 2010

Candy Corn Ruffle Bottoms

Halloween is over! I mean, ahem, Awww, man! Halloween is over already? Bummer.

I didn't hide my excitement very well, did I? I've already admitted that I'm not a Halloween fan. There is one giant redeeming factor about the holiday, however. Candy corn. Candy corn. Candy corn! I may have eaten a bag of it by myself in the last week or two. But my favorite kind of candy corn is this little number...

Candy Corn Ruffle Bottoms...
I took the fastest, sloppiest pictures ever for these. I had a lunch date with a precious little one month old Haper Jane who was receiving these little candy corn ruffle bottoms as a gift. And I was late! Imagine that...

To make the bloomers, I used Dana's diaper cover pattern found here and added ruffles to the backside. Her pattern was easy to follow and her sizing was spot-on. I used the 0-3 month pattern and it fit perfectly. The top cream ruffle was leftover from this project. The orange and yellow ruffles I made by pleating the fabric underneath my presser foot as I sewed. I hemmed the edges by folding under 1/4", twice.
Not wanting to sew your own? Ivy&Mae sells a similar version here.

OK, I'm not a 100% Halloween hater. I love the community that develops because of all the trick-or-treating. Texas is so wonderful. Even on Halloween the weather was warm enough that we could all sit out in our driveways, wear shorts and t-shirts, and enjoy chatting with each other while we greeted the costumed kiddos.

I was glad I had read this post before the doorbell started ringing, though. It was a good reminder of what an opportunity Halloween is to be a blessing, instead of my first thought which was to turn the porch light off and watch the Rangers! (Texas in the World Series??! Yes, please!)

And just for kicks (and to further prove I'm not a Halloween hater). Here's some fun spooky decor we've enjoyed recently.

I hope everyone's November is off to a great start!

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