Saturday, January 1, 2011

My House in Christmas Aftermath...

We've officially escorted Christmas back to the attic. We had a {mini} New Year's Eve party last night and I just couldn't bring myself to not be surrounded by twinkle lights and glitter for one more evening. Now that's it all tucked away, I've realized there are a lot of blank walls and table tops in this house. We've lived here for a while, but when you're decorating one garage sale at a time, it can take some time. Time to get back to thrifting, I guess!

Our Christmas was absolutely wonderful and filled with lots and lots of family, laughter and games. We were spoiled rotten as usual by our generous family and friends. What a blessing community is.

As I walk around my house today, the sweet aftermath of Christmas has kept me smiling...

New toys

New reads from my hubby
New living room lovelies
New equipment for my son's sports obsession

New Year's Eve baklava leftovers
2011 has me smiling.

What does your Christmas aftermath look like?

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