Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Wreath

Has anyone else been snowed in recently? These major storms are wreaking havoc across the nation, I know, but we are oh-so-not ready for it here. They forecast an inch of snow, and school is canceled, work is called off and there is a run on staples at the grocery stores. Thankfully it is all quick to melt away. But along with the recent snow days came an excuse to get crafty!

Read on to meet this year's Valentine's Wreath, and a step-by-step in case you want to join in the fun.

I started with a Styrofoam wreath form wrapped with red yarn. I didn't use hot glue, but a liquid fabric glue instead. Mainly because I wanted to work on the project in front of the TV. In bed. It was a snow day, people!

The wreath needed a little rosette love (you already know how much I love 'em) so I used some yellow flannel I had on hand.
1. Cut out a circle of fabric. No perfection here.
2. Starting on the outside edge, cut the entire circle into one long spiral strip, ending with a small circle at the end.
3. Start at the end where you started cutting and roll up the strip, leaving a little slack.
4. Glue the small circle end to the bottom of the rosette.

I tried different arrangements for the rosettes and took pictures of each one before I glued them on. It allowed me to easily compare all of the options.
A little raffia to tie her back and she's ready for her big debut. Almost...
This little beauty is headed for my precious grandmother, whom we affectionately call Gigi, so it needed a little extra something-something.
A name pennant made with satin ribbon and scrapbook paper taped together. I secured the ribbon with small pins and more fabric glue.
I guess rosettes aren't the only crafty thing I seem to love these days. Looks like I'll have to add pennant banners to my list also. Remember?

What Valentine's crafty goodness have you been up to lately? I'd love to see!

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